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Weed Cutting Equipment

    1. Weedmaster Dredger
    2. Weedmaster Dredger
      The Weedmaster is equipped with a rig made with patented technology as well as an overflow cover to protect the environment. The dredging process is free from mud spread and pollution using this equipment. The non-clogging cutter suction pump is made with patented technology, having a specially designed rear overflow cover to allow large particles to pass through.
    1. Aquatic Weed Harvester
    2. Aquatic Weed Harvester
      Aquatic weed harvesters are produced for the mechanical harvesting of algae and other waterborne weeds and debris. The weed harvesters collect canes, reeds, and algae to maintain the purity of bodies of water and reduce the accumulation of sediment.

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Yongsheng environmental protection vessels or aquatic weed harvesters are mainly used to collect floating debris, aquatic plants in reservoirs, rivers, lakes and seashores. The harvesters are easy to use, have high efficiency, and feature stable performance. One operator can complete the whole process of collection, transmission, drainage, storage and discharge just by controlling the buttons and switches on the control desk.

Yongsheng adopts a hydraulic system for the harvesters and high-quality sealing equipment is used for all the hydraulic parts so no noise or oil leakage will occur during the operation, which will fully meet environment protection requirements.

Job scope: aquatic plants, branches, wastewater
Production: according to the customer request

Our Service
1. Customized design and pre-sale service.
2. Lifetime after-sale service.
3. On-site installation and worker training.
4. Provide wear parts in a timely manner.


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