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Bucket Ladder Sand Dredger

Application and advantages
The chain bucket sand dredger is ideal for sand borrowing in the sand field and river channel, and it can also be applied in river channel rectifying fields.
YONGSHENG SHIPYARD chain bucket sand dredger has many advantages such as reliable performance, easy maintenance, long service life, low cost and it has a big working load of 500-2000 cubic meter per hour, etc.
Through carefully selection and separation, this sand dredging equipment offers pure sand materials which are optimum for construction cement production.
We can design chain bucket sand dredger according to customers' need.

Specifications of Chain Bucket Sand Dredger

Parameters of sand dredger
Item Parameter Configuration
Equipped Bucket 64 units
Hull (Length Width Height) 2380cm×180cm×115cm Hull Main Board:3.75mm; Skin Plating:2.5mm,antiskid plate, Interior 5#bottom keel angle;
Main Frame(Length Width Height) 350cm×120cm×120cm 16#Channel Steel
Submarine Pitch Wedge 1990cm×90cm×45cm Bottom:14#Channel steel Upper:12#Channel steel
Four corner Wheel Dia:90cm, Width:75cm Plate:2cm
Flat Screen 2500cm×150cm Petroleum Lifting Stem Core
Configuration of Sand Depot Power:6105#,115kw Pump:6" /8" Made in Weifang Made in Shi Jiazhuang
Link Joint 670mm×90mm×28mm HF 65# manganese
Clamshell Excavator Bucket Capacity: 0.06m³/bucket 40kg/unit
Reducer 750×1 unit, 400×1 unit, 250×3 units Made in Boshan
Power 30kw×1, 15kw×1, 4kw×3 Made in Kaiyuan
Pin Bolt Length:12cm Carbonization
Dredging Depth 12m
Discharge Conveyor Bar 10m
HDPE Pipeline 150m Including Rubber Joint, Floating Body
Capacity 120m3/h
Lead Time 20 days
Payment Terms T/T FOB QING DAO
Parameters of sand dredger
Item Parameter Configuration
Equipped Bucket 50 units
Hull (Length Width Height) 1880cm×150cm×90cm Hull Main Board:3.5mm; Skin Plating:2.5mm,antiskid plate, Interior 5#bottom keel angle;
Main Frame(Length Width Height) 280cm×110cm×110cm 16#Channel Steel
Submarine Pitch Wedge 1250cm×90cm×45cm Bottom:12#Channel steel Upper:10#Channel steel
Four corner Wheel Dia:90cm, Width:75cm Plate Thickness:1.5cm
Rotary Drum Dia:1.1m Length:2.4m 20#round steel and 1.5 cm sieve net
Link Joint 670mm×90mm×20mm HF 65# manganese
Clamshell Excavator Bucket Capacity: 0.065m³/bucket 35kg/unit
Reducer 650×1 unit, 350×1 unit, 250×2 units Made in Boshan
Non-classed Gear box 16 Type×1, 6 Type×1 Made in Qingzhou
Power S1120×1, S1110×1 Made in Changzhou
Pin Bolt Length:7cm Carbonization Treatment
Conveyor Belts Length:17m/12m/17m Width:70cm Sand Belt Width:700mm Gravel Belt Width:700mm 10#U-Steel, 4 layers Nylon Belt
Lead Time 15 days
Chain Bucket Dredger Specifications
Pontoon Length 20m
Left Pontoon Width 1.7m
Right Pontoon Width Front Part: 8.2m * 1.7m
Back Part:11.8m*2.1m
Buckets Ladder 20m
Buckets (60type, Circle Shape) 54 pieces
Buckets Chain 80cm*9cm*3cm
Buckets Working Power System 4105 diesel engine
Main gearbox:750#
Dredge exclusive gearbox:30#
Portal Frame Height 6m
Hoisting Winch Gearbox:400# ( driven by 4105 diesel engine)
Dredge exclusive gearbox:16#
Sieve Size 1.2m*1m with mesh size of 30mm
Gold Carpet Sluice 6m*0.76m ( 2 units )
Manual Anchor Winch 3 units
Centrifugal Clear Water Pump 6inch ( driven also by that 4105 diesel engine)
  • This one is under installing, 400 m3/hour for sand dredging.
  • Under working with belt delivering sand.

Packaging & Shipping, Trade Terms:

1. By container for small model.
2. In bulk for big size cutter suction dredger.
3. Customers specifying freight forwarders or negotiable shipping methods!
4. Delivery Time: 30-90 days for building excluding the stock.

Payment Terms
1. Payment: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal; TT payment, 30% deposit, 40% before buy engine and pump, balance before shipment.
2. Warranty: 1 year standard warranty time. But, we exported dredger from 2003, we have experience for after-sale service.
There is no breakdown for the dredger within 3 years, just do good routine maintenance.
Engineers are available in anytime.
3. MOQ: 1set
4. Lifespan: 3-10 years average life
5. Package Information: nude packing

Why choose us?
1. We are a mining dredger manufacture especially cutter suction dredger, best production capability, best quality control, best service.
3. We supply one stop service of dredger service from inspection to installing and training.
4. 100% QC inspection before shipment.
5. Our dredger can be classified by the ship classification society.

The sand dredging equipment is primarily made using steel plate materials.

1. While starting the cutter suction sand dredger, please start the single cylinder engine first and then start the multi-cylinder engine. Then, slowly put down the faucet and stop when the diesel engine can't bear. Then control the faucet according to the concentration of the sand discharging port.
2. If the displacement of sand is very small, maybe the faucet is blocked by stone. Put up the faucet to a height of 50cm and slow down the accelerator, then increase the accelerator and put down the faucet. If this kind of situation happens again, you should change the operation place.
3. The longer of the sand suction distance, the smaller of the sand concentration. The concentration is about 50% when the distance is 30m.
4. If the water can't be drawn out, you should check the sand suction pump to see if there is some steam leakage. If the draft of the pump is shallow, you'd better increase the sandbag.
5. When the diesel engine is struggling, you need to check the triangular belt and the sand suction concentration.

YONGSHENG SHIPYARD is an experienced chain bucket sand dredger manufacturer in China. Since our foundation, we have aimed to satisfy our global customers by providing a wide range of products, including gold panning ship, ultrapure water equipment, sewage treatment plant, etc. Besides, our company is located in Qingzhou which provides us with convenient transportation, and our products have been exported to Iran, Iraq, Russia, North Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Libya, Namibia, Nigeria etc.
For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.

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