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Plain Suction Dredger

The jet suction dredger is applied to inland waterways, lakes, and coastal areas where sand layers are soft for dredging work.

The high pressure water jet will break the sand layer first, and then the sand pump will suck up the solids and discharge them onshore or to the transportation boat.

Customized according to dredging depth, working capacity and discharge distance.
Main diesel engine provides power to the sand dredging pump and the auxiliary diesel electricity generator supplies electricity to the high pressure water pump, winches, and lighting system.

    1. Jet Suction Dredger
    2. Jet Suction Dredger
      We could provide shipyard products including barge, work ship, cutter suction dredger, jet suction dredgers, chain bucket iron sand dredger, sand dredger, gold mining dredger, iron sand ship, dredging salt ship, transport ship, sand sieving machine, washing sand machine, mining machinery, weed cutting dredger, mud pump, discharge pipe, pipeline floater and ship engine.
    1. Jet Suction Sand Dredger
    2. Jet Suction Sand Dredger
      Dredging Depth: 10m
      Dry sand capacity: 100m3/h-120m3/h
      Discharge Distance: 200m-500m
      Stell Plate paint: Three layers
Yong Sheng Shipyard Jet Suction Dredger
Technical Specifications
Model Mini Jet
Suction Dredger YS-JSD2012
Simple Jet
Suction Dredger YS- JSD2012
Suction Dredger YS- JSD3014
Suction Dredger YS- JSD 2514
Simple Jet
Suction Dredger YS- JSD2520
Water Flow Capacity 400m³/h 570m³/h 1200m³/h 900m³/h 900m³/h
Engine 52Kw 225 Kw 562Kw 270Kw 270Kw
Dredging Depth 12m 12m 14m 14m 20m
Discharge Distance 100-150m 200m 500m 500m 500m

According to the different requires of customers, our company can produce different types of the jet suction/gold dredger.
If you have more requirements and questions like expecting productivity, dredging depth, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with quality service and products.