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Dredging Equipment

    1. Watermaster Dredger
    2. Watermaster Dredger
      The Watermaster is an amphibious dredging unit used for suction dredging, excavating, piling, raking, digging, reclamation, desilting and a number of other functions. The multifunctional dredger is vital for water conservancy operations, environmental remediation, and other dredging projects.
    1. Cutter Suction Dredger
    2. Cutter Suction Dredger
      We use the best parts like Cummins diesel engine and Siemens PLC controlling system, Shijiazhuang pump.
      Also, we build an efficient system to optimize the flow the production so as to guarantee the quality and function of the dredgers.
    1. Cutter Suction Sand Dredger
    2. Cutter Suction Sand Dredger
      The Yongsheng Shipyard cutter suction sand dredger is designed for sand borrowing in sandy waters and river channels. It can also be used for river channel rectifying. It has many advantages such as reliable performance, easy maintenance, long service life, low operating cost and a large working load of 500-2000 cubic meters moved per hour.
    1. Silt Removal Cutter Suction Dredger
    2. Silt Removal Cutter Suction Dredger
      This hydraulic-driven desilting boat is suitable for desilting the seaport and river way. Its desilting capacity is between 100m3/h and 800m3/h while the dredging depth ranges from 5m to 23m. Its discharge distance covers from 300m to 3,000m.
    1. Bucket Ladder Sand Dredger
    2. Bucket Ladder Sand Dredger
      The chain bucket sand dredger is ideal for sand borrowing in the sand field and river channel, and it can also be applied in river channel rectifying fields.
      YONGSHENG SHIPYARD chain bucket sand dredger has many advantages such as reliable performance, easy maintenance, long service life, low cost and it has a big working load of 500-2000 cubic meter per hour, etc.
    1. Bucket Wheel suction dredger
    2. Bucket Wheel suction dredger
      Bucket wheel suction dredgers are designed and manufactured for desilting and hydraulic reclamation for A-class and B-class waterways, large ports, reservoirs, and lakes. The dredgers are designed according to Chinese ZC-Class and shipyard standards. The whole dredger is dismountable, meaning that it can be transported by railway, truck, and by sea.
    1. Amphibious Excavator
    2. Amphibious Excavator
      The excavator is equipped with a 3.2 m3 bucket, its volume and capacity is twice that of a standard bucket.
      Automatic lubrication system. The dredging machine is automatically lubricated so as to improve the effectiveness of the equipment and its efficiency by more than 10%
    1. Screw Propelled Dredger
    2. Screw Propelled Dredger
      The multi-functional screw propelled dredger is intended for use with various types of slurry mixtures. The dredging machine can be fitted with a digging bucket, pump, cutter head, pile driver, or mixer equipment.
    1. Backhoe Dredger
    2. Backhoe Dredger
      Length of pontoon: 7.8m
      Width of pontoon: 4.55m
      Height of pontoon: 1m
      Max. digging depth of rake: 3m
    1. Salt Mining Dredger
    2. Salt Mining Dredger
      This kind of machine, especially designed for the saltern, is used to dredge, crush and transport salt. We have manufactured 20 units of dredging salt machines for Shou Guang Salt field, Mongolia saltern, Qinghai Salt Lake etc.
    1. Plain Suction Dredger
    2. Plain Suction Dredger
      The high pressure water jet will break the sand layer first, and then sand pump will suck up the solids and discharge then onshore or to the transportation boat.
      Customized according to dredging depth, working capacity and discharge distance.

The dredging equipment produced by Yongsheng Shipyard is designed for digging, dredging and filling applications in water areas such as rivers, reservoirs, canals, etc. It can also be used for sand borrowing in sand fields and river channels. Meanwhile, the dredgers is also ideal for river channel rectifying.

The dredging equipment is primarily made using steel plate.

According to customer demands, the dredging equipment can be delivered in bulk or in a container.

1. Yongsheng Shipyard dredging equipment is provided with a 12 month warranty during which spare parts are provided free of charge.
2. Dredger operator training service is provided.
3. We will provide consultation services for free.
4. For more detailed service items, please contact Yongsheng Shipyard directly.

As a professional dredging equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide a wide range of sand dredgers, dry ore magnetic separators, gold panning ships, packing machinery, filling machinery, and concrete mixing plants. Due to reasonable prices and superior quality, our products are exported to Russia, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Libya, and more countries. Additionally, our convenient location in Qingzhou enables us to transport our products at lower costs.