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Mineral Processing Equipment

Our mineral processing equipment is primarily used for exploration and mining of heavy metals in rivers, mountains, dry river channels and other areas. This mining equipment is also easy to move from location to location.

The mineral processing equipment is primarily made of steel plates and steel frames, ensuring the high strength and reliable performance of all mineral mining equipment.

Delivered in bulk or in container.

YONGSHENG SHIPYARD is an experienced mineral processing equipment manufacturer in China. From the very beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to providing global customers with a wide array of products, including dredging equipment, packing machinery and construction machinery. Due to their outstanding quality and economic benefits, our mineral processing products are popular with customers all over the world, in Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and more.

    1. Sand Sieving Machine
    2. Sand Sieving Machine
      The sand sieving machine is used to explore the heavy metal in sandy environments, such as rivers, mountains and drive river channels. Often used in conjunction with an excavator or loader, the sand sieving equipment is easy to drag or move.
    1. Sand Making Machine
    2. Sand Making Machine
      High Efficiency Sand Making Machine
      High-quality Sand Making Machine
      New Sand Making Machine
      Model YS-2S80 Sand Making Machine
    1. Sand Washer
    2. Sand Washer
      Sand Washer Machinery with Handling Capacity from 20 m3/h to 300m3/h
      The chain bucket sand dredger could dig sand from river and then make it clean by complete sand sieving and washing machinery.
    1. Stone Washer
    2. Stone Washer
      The stone and sand washer is primarily used to separate dust and other impurities from sand in order to improve the quality of the resulting sandstone bed for highway and high speed railways. This sand processing machinery is easy to use and move, and operates in a stable, reliable manner.
    1. Hammer Crusher
    2. Hammer Crusher
      This new hammer crusher is a highly efficient, energy saving machine that is designed to crush materials with a medium hardness (Hardness value ≤ 2000kg/cm2), such as limestone, phosphate rock, asbestos ore, coal, gypsum and mineral ores.
    1. Iron Sand Mining Dredger
    2. Iron Sand Mining Dredger
      Our chain bucket iron sand dredger with high intensity magnetic separator could extract iron power from sand. It has many advantages such as high efficiency and easy operation and is ideal for separating iron from sand in river or lake.
    1. Bucket Ladder Gold Dredger
    2. Bucket Ladder Gold Dredger
      The chain bucket gold dredger is used to mine, extract and separate gold from other minerals in river environments, such as wolfram, stannum, manganese, iron, lead, zinc, stibium and diamonds. Driven by the upward guide roller, the chain buckets move continuously on the bucket bridge, digging out mud from underwater and bearing it to the surface of the water.
    1. Dry Ore Magnetic Separator
    2. Dry Ore Magnetic Separator
      Dry ore magnetic separator is mainly used to explore the heavy metal at the places of river, mountain and dry river channel etc. It features good mobility.
      Handling capacity: 100m3/h - 200m3/h.
      Power: 35KW generator.
    1. Gold Separation Equipment
    2. Gold Separation Equipment
      This gold panning equipment is primarily composed of cutter suction processing equipment and sluice type gold processing equipment. Compound type gold processing sluice is one types of the most advanced and large production grain selection equipment in the world.
    1. Gravity Separator
    2. Gravity Separator
      The jig separator is mainly used in river, channel, reservoir and other places where the sand is easy for dredging and backfilling.
      Jig separator is a kind of mineral processing equipment using gravity to extract the heavy metal, such as tin, tungsten, gold, manganese, titanium, etc.