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Other Machines

    1. Wheel Loader
    2. Wheel Loader
      Model: ZL-918
      Rated load quality: 1800kg
      Rated capacity: 0.7m³
      Total weight: 3200kg
    1. Forklift Truck
    2. Forklift Truck
      The inlet valve is equipped to enhance the stability of the hydraulic system.
      The standard zero gear switch improves the safety of the forklift truck.
      Seat is furnished with armrest and seat belt to ensure comfortable and secure driving
    1. Concrete Mixing Plant
    2. Concrete Mixing Plant
      The high quality concrete mixing plant at reasonable price is available for many kinds of aggregate, and the biggest diameter of the grain is180mm.
      The mixing plant is equipped with a 20mm high anti-abrasion lining board and a high strength scraper, with the hardness of 60HB.
      This energy-conserving and environment-friendly concrete mixing plant offers a particular mixing control system and technical oil pump.
    1. Lime Digestion Machine
    2. Lime Digestion Machine
      With simple structure, the lime digestion machine covers a compact area.
      This lime digestion machine is energy saving, environment friendly and pollution-free. 
      With quick and complete digestion of raw lime, the production efficiency is high.
    1. Sewage Treatment Plant
    2. Sewage Treatment Plant
      As a kind of sludge solidification processing equipment, the sewage treatment plant is designed, according to the characteristics of the sludge that produced by the sewage treatment factories. Developed on the basis of our years of rich production experience, the sewage treatment plant makes use of advanced industry computer control system, and provides automatic mix of loess, sludge, cement and lime.
    1. Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant
    2. Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant
      With compact structure, the stabilized soil mixing plant offers accurate measurement, high-quality mixing and reliable performance.
      Computerized or electronic frequency batching system ensures continuous, reliable supply of materials and accurate batching.
      This machine is easy to move and install.

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