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Boat and Pontoon

Yongsheng barges and tugboats are engineered and built to carry cutter suction dredgers and other pieces of heavy equipment. They can tow the dredgers and lift the pump casings and cutters. The tug boats can also lift the components and the crew.

These barges and tugboats when combined with dredgers, greatly improve operation efficiency. The rectangular hulls of the vessels are designed for stability and a large working area. The sterns of the boats have been shaped to maximize beaching capability without causing damage to the propellers and rudders.

    1. Roll-on Roll-off Ferry
    2. Roll-on Roll-off Ferry
      Overall Length: 20.5m
      Main Pontoon Size: 20.0m
      Side pontoon Size: 20.0m
      Width: 3m+4m+3m
    1. Tugboat
    2. Tugboat
      The tugboat is a small hull, but with big power. It may fall into three classes: ocean tugboat, inland river towing vessel and harbor tugboat.
      The ocean tugboat can be classified into open sea tugboat and coastal tow boat. It can tow big ships or other big structures in sea, such as offshore platform, floating dock etc.
    1. Barge
    2. Barge
      There are discharge conveyor belt and propeller built in to the small spilt-hull dump barge, so the mineral materials could be transported to the shoreside. The loading capacity is 200T.
      Dismountable barge with loading capacity 20T-500T can be transported by container or in bulk.
    1. Mini Work Boat
    2. Mini Work Boat
      The mini work boat can transport food, diesel oil, crew, drag the CSD moving on the water as well as drop anchor for small cutter suction dredgers -YS-CSD200(8") and YS-CSD250(10inch).
    1. Modular Pontoon
    2. Modular Pontoon
      Total Hull Length: 29.820m
      Modules Connection: Bolted strengthen connection
      Weight: Modules Weight 5.3T; Total Weight 74.2T

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