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Yongsheng’s growth to witness together with you
Yongsheng dredging development in these years, there have been many memorabilia.
Yongsheng’s every step growth and each result can not be separated from the user’s confidence and support.
The company of all our customers is worthy for us to remember and to thank for.

Chairman of the board accompanied the Indian guests for the acceptance ten-inch cutter suction dredger, this company has purchase five dredgers of this type in total.

In November 2005
European customers came to visit and inspect the factory for ordering dredging equipment.

In June 2010
Technical staff in Nigeria of Africa was conducting the on-site installation

In April 2012
The French BV certification visited our company to detect the full-rotation work boats.

In December 2014
The European customers ordered 12-inch cutter suction dredger, so they came to the factory for inspection and delivery

In March 2015
Malaysia customer ordered 14-inch dredger, our technical staff went to install and form good international friendship.

In June 2016
Kazakhstan customer carried out the acceptance and delivery of Chinese first new clay emperor.

In June 2016
Indian customer ordered a dredging platform and came to visit the factory.

In July 2016
Fujian customers ordered the excavation mixing head. They were on the test pool to watch the test results.

In July 2016
Africa client came to visit the dredging platform and technical exchanges.

In August 2016
Customers in Central Asia visited the dredger, and gave a high degree of recognition to the plant technology, equipment and parts.

In August 2016
US customers ordered 10 inch cutter suction dredger for river clearing.

In September 2016
The customer ordered 14-inch cutter suction dredger

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