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    1. Sand Sieving Machine
    2. Sand Sieving Machine
      We are an experienced Chinese manufacturer and supplier of sand sieving machine. Our primary products also include cutter suction dredger, EDI equipment, filling machine, sewage treatment plant, etc. With stable performance and competitive prices, our products are extensively used in many countries, such as Russia, the Philippines, and so on.
    1. HDPE Pipe
    2. HDPE Pipe
      Water floating HDPE pipe for dredging is most suitable for mud & sand &mining delivery and discharge, dredging project, port construction, dock construction in water, marine, and river or irrigation agriculture and so on.
    1. Rubber Hose
    2. Rubber Hose
      Dredge rubber hoses are designed specifically for discharge service as a flexible connector between lengths of pipe to handle the shifting and twisting of pontoons caused by water movement. Flange type dredging rubber hose is used for connecting pipelines, reducing the swaying which is caused by waves, so that medium can flow smoothly in the pipeline.
    1. Pipe Floater
    2. Pipe Floater
      The hull of MDPE floater is made from medium density polyethylene material with excellent flexibility, filled with high strength polyurethane foam inside. With reasonable structure and good performance, the MDPE floater becomes the ideal substitution of the traditional steel floater for the floating dredging pipes.
    1. Weed Cutting Suction Dredger
    2. Weed Cutting Suction Dredger
      It can achieve amphibious operations and delivery solidification powder stably and high-efficiently the solidification powder mixed with the mud together by the dredger while the stirring head is working at the same time, to solidify the mud. After 1-3 days of curing, mixture comes into a kind of solidified soil with certain strength, then it can be dredging and transported.
    1. Water Treatment Equipment
    2. Water Treatment Equipment
      YONG SHENG SHIPYARD water treatment equipment is widely used in scientific research, medical treatment, foods and beverages, chemical industry, electricity, electronics, paper industry and other fields.
    1. Packing Machinery
    2. Packing Machinery
      The packing machinery is widely used to fill non gas liquid, such as wine, beverages, mineral water, soy sauce and vinegar etc.

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