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Soil Stabilization System

Soil stabilization system is equipment and operation for improvement of the soft soil foundation and treatment of the shallow foundation. Soil stabilization system increases the bearing capacity of the original foundation and reduces the foundation deformation and settlement by adding the stabilizer in the soft soil foundation to mix the soft soil and stabilizer together.

Power Mixer
Item Parameters
Main mixer length 2400mm
Mixing head dimensions Length 1500mm/Height 800mm
Reamer weight 1.98T
Reamer head speed 60 turns
Applicable pressure 25-30MPA

Pressure Feeder
High pressure air drives the powder curing agent delivery device of pressure feeder to transport curing agent quantitatively to the mixing device through the pipe to complete curing of sludge with an error rate of five thousands.

1) Powder output can be adjusted according to specific needs, and the output accuracy is high;
2) Siemens touch screen realizes convenient and intuitive operation and interface;
3) Full pneumatic device ensures low failure rate. It supports operation for the whole day to improve work efficiency;
4) Working with stable mixing equipment, soil stabilization system is ideal for solidification of silt.

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