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Watermaster Dredger

The Watermaster is an amphibious dredging unit used for suction dredging, excavating, piling, raking, digging, reclamation, desilting and a number of other functions. The multifunctional dredger is vital for water conservancy operations, environmental remediation, and other dredging projects.

Product features:
- Suitable for shallow water, such as coastlines, lakes, reservoirs, and industrial sedimentation tanks.
- Unique mobility in water and on land.
- Easy to operate
- Self-propelled, no need for additional equipment, it operate in and out of water
-No need to use any winches or anchors
-Discharge distance can up to 150m
-Booster pump can be installed
- No draft limit (it can achieve amphibious operation)

Technical specifications
Engine Brand/Model Cummins/QSC8.3
Power: Speed 168KW;2000rpm
fuel tank capacity 1200L
electric system / batteries 24V,2*180A
Remark The cylinder of the diesel engine is equipped with thermocompressor and cooling system
hydraulics (tandem pump) Maximum workforce 25MPA
stabilizers' set tandem pump
Maximum workforce 25MPA
excavator swinging angle 180º
break-out force from bucket cylinder 84KN
digging force from arm cylinder 47KN
Load-lifting capacity with boom-out 22KN
Lifting capacity at max. reach 24KN
stabilizers Other devices connected to the system
front stabilizers, max depth 5m
rear tilting stabilizers, max depth 6-6.5m
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